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DESCRIPTION: Stinkers is the simple, safe, and effective way to remove odors and stains from pet urine, mold and mildew, skunk spray, spoiled food, dead animal or any other organic odor source without leaving any overpowering odors or sticky residues behind.

CARPETS: Saturate contaminated area with Stinkers making sure the solution reaches contamination. Gently but thoroughly agitate the area with a spatula or brush. Using a dry white absorbent towel blot away the solution and the stains. If necessary repeat the process.
HARD SURFACES: Spray the contaminated area liberally with Stinkers. Agitate the area with a brush. Wipe away the solution and contamination with a clean dry towel.
UPHOLSTERY: Use only on water cleanable upholstery. Note that some fabrics are susceptible to discoloration and water marking. If in doubt call a cleaning professional to assist you.
AS AN ADDITIVE: The Stinkers may be added directly to nearly any cleaning solution or shampoo. For pets sprayed by skunk use 4 oz. per quart of shampoo. Keep solution away from eyes it may be irritating. Agitate gently then rinse thoroughly.