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Boost - For LMC 112 oz.

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BOOST takes your low moisture cleaning to another level. Much more than simply adding oxidation. BOOST contributes detergency, solvency, water softening, and oxidation to your low moisture cleaning solution. And it does this without interfering with the embrittling of your low moisture solution. BOOST pairs with your low moisture cleaner to attack a broader spectrum of soils and stains.

DILUTION: Add Boost to your solution at the rate of 1 scoop (2 oz.) per gallon of ready to use solution. Adjust your mixture based on the severity of soil.

MIXING: For best results use worm water for your mixture. Preferably between 80 and 100 degrees. At 70* Boost will dissolve in 2 minutes. At 90* it will dissolve in 1 minute.