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Dry Vapor Bar - Skunk

Dry Vapor Bar - Skunk
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Skunk: There's no mistaking that smell. You get it when you are driving down the road sometimes and then you can see it laying by the side of the road. What you really don't want is to smell it when you walk into your house or warehouse. X-Cide Skunk is the best way to get rid of that skunk smell on the walls and floors (no, don't spray it on the dog).

The Vapor Concentrate gives you total control over the amount of vapor released and the length of time your concentrate will last.
The Vapor Tunnel is designed to treat up to a 20,000 cu. ft. area. The tunnel can be placed on
any flat surface or attached to the wall with simple Velcro tape. The Vapor Concentrate Squares/Bars are placed into the Tunnel by sliding one of the supply trays out and pressing the Square onto the pins.
For a controlled release of vapor you will leave the plastic wrap of the Vapor Concentrate Square/Bar in place. You will cut a slit in the top of the wrap to allow the vapor to escape at a controlled rate. The longer the slit the more vapor is released and the faster the vapor concentrate is used up. The shorter the slit the less the vapor is released and the longer the vapor concentrate will last.
The vapor release from a Vapor Square or Bar will begin to decline after approximately about 350
hrs. Although the vapor production begins to decline the production will continue for over 500 hrs. So as more vapor is needed add an additional square or bar but leave the existing one in place to contribute vapor until it is completely exhausted.
For very high concentrations of vapor for short periods of time (up to 150 hrs.) remove the
plastic wrap from the Vapor Square/Bar completely.
When the Vapor Concentrate is not in use place it in a sealed plastic bag to preserve it.