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ProAcid acid cleaner restores the new appearance to ceramic tile and grout. Hard water deposits, grout haze, efflorescence, and soap scum melt away leaving a sparkling bright new appearance.

For moderate soil dilute 5 to 1. Increase concentration according to severity of soil. As with all cleaning agents pre-test at ready to use dilution before using.


  1. Protect by masking off metals and surfaces not intended for treatment.
  2. Apply Pro-Acid solution with a sprayer, sponge, or mop.
  3. Agitate by scrubbing with brush or floor machine.
  4. Remove by using a wet/dry vacuum, damp mop, or sponge then neutralize with Heavy Duty Pro Clean solution.
  5. Rinse area thoroughly with clean water then vacuum or wipe dry.
  6. Rinse and clean your equipment.
  7. Remove masking from protected surfaces.