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Pro-Elite - Small 92 oz. Jar

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Pro-Elite is a hybrid pre-spray combining advanced detergent/enzyme blends with grease cutting solvents guaranteed to break down and digest not only the toughest food and soils but also those tough greasy/oily soils from heavy traffic areas. 

When used as directed, Pro-Elite  will raise your cleaning power to the next level delivering amazing results quickly and easily.


Mix two ounces Pro-Elite per gallon of hot water.  Spray onto soiled areas of carpet. Pro-Elite will start breaking down greasy/oily soils on contact while the enzyme tackle food and other proteins.

For Hydro-Force application, add (up to) 18 ounces  Pro-Elite to the 5-quart Hydro-Force reservoir and fill with hot water.  Apply using the 9 to 1 ratio.

As with any cleaning product, test in an inconspicuous area before using. This is a quality tested product. Any liability claim is limited to the purchase price of this product. No other guarantee is either given or implied.