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Rug Wash Plus Dye Shield

Rug Wash Plus Dye Shield
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“Rug Wash Plus Dye Shield” is a neutral pH shampoo that safely cleans wool rugs, carpets and other specialty textiles. Rug Wash Plus Dye Shield gives you all the performance you expect from a premium rug shampoo. It is ideal for cleaning in a wash pit environment. It is also an excellent shampoo prior to hot water extraction. In addition Rug Wash Plus Dye Shield protects carpets from color migration during the wash by neutralizing transient dyes.

·Rug Wash Plus is a powerful solvent to quickly dissolve difficult oily soils.
·Rug Wash Plus is a super penetrator. It penetrates fibers fast to immediately loosen deep soil deposits.
·Rug Wash Plus gives you generous rich foam that surrounds and suspends the soil carrying it away during the rinse.
·Rug Wash Plus gives you the added protection of transient dye neutralization that works to prevent the transient dye from attaching to the carpet during the wash and rinse process.
Rug Wash Plus is safe on all wet cleanable fiber types.

For wash pit cleaning: Shampoo the entire rug evenly with Rug Wash. Flood with clear water and squeegee away cleaning solution and soil. Vacuum or centrifugally remove residual solution and then dry thoroughly.
For hot water extraction cleaning: Shampoo the entire rug evenly with “Rug Wash”. Then follow this with hot water extraction rinse using a “Last Step Rinse” solution.
If severe soil and/or oil spots are present, pre-spray them with “Ultra TLC” prior to shampooing for optimum results.
For added protection from dye migration pre-spray carpet with Pros Choice Dye Shield prior to cleaning.
Dilute Rug Wash 40 to 1 (3 oz. per gal.) for normally soiled rugs.