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Smartcap - Cleaning Solution

Smartcap - Cleaning Solution
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Smartcap Cleaning Solution is the newest advance in the evolution of high performance Low Moisture Cleaning Science. Smartcap Cleaning Solution is significantly different from multipurpose Low Moisture Cleaning chemicals in that it is designed specifically to maximize the Applied Physics that are functioning in bonnet cleaning environments. You will immediately notice that it is not as foamy as typical Low Moisture products. This is because foam retards the rapid migration of soil from the carpet into the cleaning pad. You will also notice that (especially when catalyzed) this product will remove soil that multiple cleaning by any other method could not begin to remove.

A Dilute 6.5 oz. Cleaning Solution per gallon of water for a ready to use solution. When boosting with Peroxy Plus use 6.5 oz. of Cleaning Solution and 6.5 oz. Peroxy Plus and the balance water for a ready to use solution.