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Soil Release

Soil Release
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Soil release liquid solution is a high performance cleaner designed for use on all generations of nylon or olefin carpets. The chemistry behind Soil Release allows it to maintain it’s high performance even at lower temperatures which makes it ideal for many commercial applications.

This is a unique product which gives you all the cleaning power of high pH cleaners without the high pH. You’ll love the fresh clean fragrance it leaves.

Portable Dilution:

Light Soil: 4 oz. Per 5 Gallons. Moderate Soil: 6 oz. Per 5 Gallons. Heavy Soil: 8 oz. Per 5 gallons

Truck Mount Concentrate:
Mix 1 quart Pro’s Choice “Soil Release” liquid per 5 gallons water for ready to use cleaning solution.
Adjust your concentration to match the severity of soil.
For heavily soiled carpets, pre-spray with Pro’s Choice “First TLC” prior to extraction for better results.