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Stain Blotter

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Stain Blotter is a super absorbent powder that works to soak up spills and re-occuring spots.

For reoccurring spots:

1. Rinse spot thoroughly using a dilute solution of Pro’s Choice Last Step rinsing agent.
2. Leave the spot as dry as possible by making several vacuum only passes with wand following rinse.
3. Cover the spot with Stain Blotter by sprinkling it onto the carpet until the fibers are covered by a ¼ “ blanket of powder.
4. Allow spot to dry COMPLETELY.
5. Vacuum thoroughly to remove Stain Blotter along with the soil it has absorbed.

For spills:

1. Pour Stain Blotter liberally onto the spill.
2. Agitate gently to absorb spill into powder.
3. Vacuum or sweep up to remove contaminated powder.
4. Re-apply Stain Blotter to cover spill.
5. Allow to dry thoroughly.
6. Vacuum thoroughly to remove Stain Blotter powder along with soil it has absorbed.