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VDT 4200-White Body

VDT 4200-White Body
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Vapor Pro 4200
An amazingly simple vapor generator that is best described with two words, ”Performance & Economy”. This machine will match or outperform machines costing more than 10 times as much.

When working with Dry Vapor it is best to have distributed application so you won’t have high concentrations of vapor at the source and minimal concentrations at a distance. The Vapor Pro 4200 is ideal because it is inexpensive to place multiple units at a site and the Vapor Pro 4200 is very light and easy to attach to walls or set on nearly any surface. Add to this the fact that it runs on safe low voltage and you have a winning combination.

You will be able to counteract just about anything. Just identify the odor source and select the corresponding dry vapor bar or square:

  • Institutional: Recommended for odors found in Hospitals, Rest Homes, Nurseries, Police Stations, Public Restrooms, Jails, and Etc.
  • Protein: Recommended for odors from decomposing proteins found in Crime Scenes, Autopsy, Garbage Collection Areas, Dead Animal, and Etc.
  • Fire: Recommended for odors from burning structural materials.
  • Smoke: Recommended for areas contaminated with tobacco or cannabis smoke. Also effective in plant growing and harvesting environments.
  • Athletic: Recommended for Gyms, Jujitsu and Karate schools, Locker Rooms, Health Clubs, and Etc.
  • Dumpster: Recommended for trash collection areas and trash chutes. Available in Cherry and Juniper fragrance.
  • Urine: Recommended for any area having urine or ammonia like odor.
  • Mold: Recommended for areas having damp musty odor. Water Damage Restoration, Basements, Antique Stores, etc.
  • Skunk: Recommended for odors from Skunk and Skunk Musk.


  • Size: 4 X 4 X 15 inches.
  • Weight (unloaded): 1 pound 10 ounces.
  • Capacity: up to 12 dry vapor concentrate squares.
  • Throughput (fan capacity) 40 – 50 CFM.
  • Operating volume: Adjustable
  • Power Source 115V to 12V converted
  • Timer: External
  • Vapor Source: Dry Vapor Squares and Dry Vapor Bars