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X-Cide - Smoke - Pint

X-Cide - Smoke - Pint
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Smoke: X-Cide - Smoke is specifically engineered to neutralize smoke odor particles. Cigarette and cannabis smoke can be hard to remove simply because they penetrate the carpet fibers, walls, inside air vents and other hard to reach places. X-Cide - Smoke when used with the Dry-Max ULV Fogger can penetrate even the hardest to reach places. X-Cide - Smoke can also be used with any of the Ozone X-Series Machines and paired with it's Dry Vapor counterpart.

X-Cide concentrates are formulated to eliminate odors associated with specific situations and are paired with the corresponding Dry Vapor Concentrates. X-Cide is a proprietary blend of pure fragrance oils, odor encapsulators and anti-microbials. X-Cide Liquid can be diluted and applied directly with a pump-sprayer or fogged with the Drymax ULV Fogger.